Jane Howard-Martin

Jane Howard-Martin is a novelist from Los Angeles.  A graduate of Harvard University where she studied creative writing and history, her work focuses on untold stories of African Americans triumphing over extraordinary odds.

In her day job, Jane is a legal executive at Toyota Motor North America, Inc. where she manages the company’s labor& employment practice.  But she’s also a mother, a hip-hop dancer, an expert brownie baker and a founding member of the Write Sisters Write, a Los Angeles based writing group that counts among its alums, Pamela Samuels Young (Anybody’s Daughter, In Firm Pursuit, etc.) and Nefertiti Austin (Motherhood So White).

While Jane once had a column on employment law published in USAToday.com and has published several articles on diversity and employment law, she much prefers writing about hoop skirts and spirit guides and outsmarting bad guys with good old fashioned “trickeration”.