Molly Lasco

Molly McBride Lasco is a college professor by day and a YA author at night, when not obsessing over her fantasy football team. Her love affair with football began when she won the jackpot in her family’s college playoff pool at age six. Later, she watched her three older brothers from the sidelines, dreaming of the day she could hit the gridiron. It was Texas in the 80s, so her parents suggested she try out for cheerleader, a horrifying proposition for a tomboy with no rhythm. 

Becoming an avid reader instead, she pursued degrees in literature at The University of Texas (BA 1994), Arizona State University (MA 1997), and Texas A&M (PhD 2002). Currently professor of English and department chair at Lone Star College, Molly is also a wife, a mother, and dog-mom to Scout, the only other female in her household.  While she doesn’t love fishing randomly stashed, half-eaten Whataburgers from under beds and between couch cushions, she does love being a mom to three teen/tween boys, as they provide endless inspiration for her coming of age stories.

Find Molly online on Instagram, Twitter, and Wattpad.